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Photo Booths create:  Smiles - Laughter - Fun

Cheese Me! Photo Booth rentals in Tallahassee, FL provides a stylish and fun way to experience ANY event! Remember how much fun everyone always had in the old time photo booths? --- Cheese Me!! Photo Booth is a state of the art digital photo booth which allows you to customize and capture your special day making it an event EVERYONE will remember!

Cheese Me! Photo Booth rentals provide studio lighting which makes the users photo look more vivid and life like! We use high resolution cameras to capture those awesome moments. So feel free to get crazy with all your photo's, have a good time and remember... We love helping you capture those memories and making your event the BEST!

Who We Are?

Cheese Me! Photo Booths

CheeseMe! Photo Booth

Cheese Me! Photo Booth is a leader in fun and memories when it comes to photo booth rentals. No other company cares more about your experience than Cheese Me! Photo Booth. Contact Us today and let us show you why Cheese Me! Photo Booth should be the only company you think about when you need to have fun at any event!

What We Do!

Provide FUN at GREAT prices!

Pictures from our photo booth

Yes, Cheese Me! Photo Booth is all about providing you as much fun with a photo booth as possible! We want you to experience GREAT memories! We want you to have so much fun that you will want to do it at all your events! Our job is to put the fun in all your events at GREAT prices. Contact Us today and let us show you how much fun you can have with a photo booth rental!

Why We Do It?

We LOVE providing a fun activity!

What we do

We wanted to have a business that not only would provide fun and enjoyment from our customers, but be fun for us as well! It is a win win situation! People can count on Cheese Me! Photo Booth to give you hours and hours of fun and we can have fun providing it for you! Contact Us today and let us help get your fun started!

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